The implementation of the new 100MW licensing threshold for private generation could make it much easier for businesses reliant on steam – such as in the manufacturing sector (textiles, breweries and so on) – to use their existing infrastructure for power generation. By increasing the pressure of the steam used in one’s operation, a turbine designed to generate additional electricity for the business can then be added to the existing system.


This is according to Jonathan Probert, Head of Business Development for EP Steam – a division of Energy Partners and part of the PSG group of companies – who says that the introduction of the new private generation cap makes cogeneration (the generation of both electricity and heat simultaneously) more attainable. “This allows businesses to utilise every available opportunity to affordably generate additional electricity on their sites. One of the easiest opportunities for steam users, is the inclusion of a turbine.”


Probert explains that for this to work, high-pressure boilers will need to be installed at the desired site. “Including a turbine in the system lowers the steam pressure, so new, higher pressure boilers will be required for businesses wanting to go this route. The good news is that this does not have to come at a high cost when there is the option to outsource this service.”