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Our electrical engineering team has 45 years’ experience, and consists of experts in the Power Distribution, Industrial Process and Control, Building Services and Efficient Lighting industries.

We service both the industrial and commercial sectors of the market, including property development, delivering the following range of solutions:

Grid and Alternate Power supplies

Masterplan development and Consolidation of internal electrical networks

Building services design for Commercial, Industrial and Health services facilities

LV & MV reticulation (400V to 22kV)

In addition, we have distinguished ourselves in successfully delivering specialised projects in the following fields:

Power supply optimisation (i.e. Power factor correction and Voltage optimisation)

Bespoke lighting solutions (i.e. Retail, logistics, cold/freezer rooms, healthcare, etc.)

Pump and fan energy optimisation utilising VSDs and control processes

Supply of alternate and back-up power solutions (i.e. Generators, UPS, etc.)

Investigation, Report, Proposal and Implementation of a client’s internal electrical networks in order to optimize the electrical systems where organic growth has led to ad-hoc extensions.


The HVAC team specialises in designing integrated systems that combine the heating and cooling requirement of Healthcare, Industrial, Retail or Commercial buildings in the most efficient configuration. Energy and cost efficiency is always placed at the forefront of our design considerations, ensuring our solutions are technically and commercially suitable to the unique requirements.

Along with the traditional service and solution offerings in the HVAC field, we also provide specialist services in the following areas:

Clean rooms of various filtration classifications

VRF systems with waste heat recovery for generation of domestic hot water

Climate control systems

Air borne infection control in health care facilities

Evaporative cooling (commercial and industrial applications)

Exhaust air energy reclaim (heat recovery) and fresh air economy cycle

In order to supply a world-class service to clients in the building industry, we have invested in 3D Revit Design and Modelling capabilities, as well as 2D drafting.

We are one of the leading consultants in the Healthcare Sector and provide bespoke solutions in the following areas:

Theatres and critical care areas

Medical gas and vacuum


Energy Partners has a team of engineering specialists dedicated to designing and developing industrial refrigeration solutions. We have an impressive track record of successfully delivering bespoke cooling solutions to some of the largest agricultural, dairy, food processing and cold chain operators in the market.

Our methodology considers the complete system requirement and incorporates the latest innovations in refrigeration technology and industry best practice to deliver the most efficient and sustainable solutions; specifically tailored to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Our experience, combined with our intimate knowledge of the refrigeration industry, gives us the edge in ensuring that we not only present clients with realistic timelines for projects that have to be implemented in a fully operational environment, but that we are also able to consistently deliver these projects on time and within budget.