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Lynca Meats Integrated Outsourced Utilities

Operational Saving

“Our operation consists of 28 temperature-regulated rooms that run 24 hours a day. Managing the energy requirements of a facility of this scale had become increasingly time-intensive, requiring specialised knowledge. We realised that handing this managerial responsibility over to outsourced specialists would therefore be in the best interest of the business, as it would allow us to focus solely on the company’s core activities. We outsourced our Refrigeration, Solar Power and Steam to Energy Partners. This decision paid off almost immediately, with our business achieving a 30% reduction in energy costs.” Andre Snyman – General Manager

DATE: 2017

LOCATION: Gauteng, South Africa

PROJECT SIZE: Refrigeration 792kWR, Solar 960kWp, Steam 4TpH

TECHNOLOGY: Ammonia plant, Steam Boilers, Rooftop PV

FUNDING OPTION: Cooling as a Service, Outsourced Steam, PPA