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Acting as a traditional EPC (Engineer, Procure and Construct) we design, construct and implement refrigeration projects for an agreed project price.

We provide extensive performance guarantees – provided that we are contracted to do the Operation and Maintenance of assets.


We invest in, own and operate refrigeration assets off balance sheet, enabling our clients to free up capital to grow their business. We can either take over your existing refrigeration assets or invest in a new plant. No up-front capital required.

Contracted Refrigeration On-demand – refrigeration is billed on a per-use basis and electricity consumed at a contracted rate is refunded, suited to refrigeration plants delivering a stable annual load and offers guaranteed energy efficiency. Cooling at 10% less than your original cost.

Long term Operating Rentals – fixed monthly fees including maintenance and 24-hour monitoring, more suitable for products than full refrigeration plants.


Our in-house team of qualified, experienced engineers specialises in offering our clients the most cost-effective solutions possible in terms of life cycle costing.


In-house contractor teams in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban implement our systems anywhere in South Africa.


All our solutions are accompanied by manufacturer guarantees as well fully comprehensive maintenance options, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.


All our plants offer a full monitoring option. We can provide weekly dashboards tracking performance, efficiency and energy consumption so that any issues are easily identified and resolved quickly.

Plants can be remotely controlled allowing load shifting of the system resulting in significant savings.

We deliver our monitoring service via an advanced technology platform called THE HUB. The HUB’s vision is achieved through the structured integration of four independent services and sub‐services: Research & Development Service , Information & Technology Services, Technical Services and Remote Services.


We operate an in-house design office and manufacturing facility. This allows us to design, manufacture and test complete refrigeration systems to ensure that they conform to the requirements of the client before they are shipped to site.

Our product range include various standard simplex and multiplex compressor configurations, with air- or water-cooled condensers. Refrigerant options include all commercially available options.

Custom solutions are also available in addition to our standard range. The systems are designed to provide the client with the best balance between cost, performance and environmental responsibility.