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Reconditioned Boilers


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EP Dryden Combustion is South Africa’s leading supplier of reconditioned boilers. Purchasing a reconditioned boiler can save up to 40%. In addition to this delivery times are significantly reduced – typically half that of a new boiler.



Dryden purchases used coal, oil and gas fired steam boilers and completely rebuilds and recertifies them in their Alrode works. All boilers are overhauled. Parts requiring replacement are replaced and finally they are inspected by an approved third party accredited company.

No boiler leaves Dryden Works without being certified. The boilers are sold back into the industry with “as new” guarantees. Dryden has a large range and variety of reconditioned boilers in stock. Please click on the link to view our available stock. Should you not find exactly what you are looking for, please send us an enquiry.