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We provide steam to industrial users on a rand-per-ton basis through the installation and/or optimisation of boilers and the management of the steam supply operation.

This allows our clients to focus and allocate capital to core business processes, while having their steam supplied reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably.


Capital is freed to grow your business..

Operational risk and regulatory responsibilities are transferred, so you can focus on your core business.

You will have peace of mind, knowing steam generation is in the hands of experienced boiler professionals..


Reconditioned Industrial Boilers

EP Dryden is South Africa’s leading supplier of Reconditioned Boilers. We carry stock of all sizes and fuel types. All Boilers are overhauled, parts requiring replacement are replaced and finally they are inspected by an Approved Third party accredited company.

Cost effective (without compromising on quality) – up to 40% saving vs a new boiler.

Faster delivery turn-around.


New Industrial Boilers

EP Dryden, in association with Cochrane Engineering, are manufacturers of best-in-class package boilers to sub-Saharan Africa. Dryden is also a distributor of Zozen, Ferroli and Bosch Steam Boilers. The product range includes industrial steam boilers, industrial hot water boilers, combustion and control systems and product support

Uncompromising quality and asset lifespan.

Lower overall expected maintenance.


Hot water Boilers

EP Dryden manufacturers Purbek Hot water boilers. The modular design gives flexibility to installations with variable output from 66Kw upwards. These heaters are designed for long life operations where large volumes of service hot water are required. The heaters’ slim design gives it a very small foot print and installation can be done through a standard door frame. EP Dryden also distributes Ferroli hot water generators, comprising of a range of 25 models with rated outputs from 92 to 6000W. Steel hot water generators with pressurized combustion chambers, capable of operating in combination with a pressure jet burner on liquid or gaseous fuel.



EP Dryden has a range of boilers readily available for fast deployment into the field ensuring limited downtime. We offer long- and short-term boiler hire solutions – (Short term 1-12 months) and Long term (1 year +).


Stock holding of all fuel types and Boiler sizes ensures minimum downtime or loss of redundancy in emergency situations.

A long-term operating rental has the real benefit of having monthly installments up to 50% lower than that of a commercial bank, thereby significantly improving cash-flow.


EP Dryden is the sole supplier of the Optiflame control panel – the most efficient boiler control system in the market. Our proprietary boiler control technology is built on a Siemens platform and enables a high degree of customization, while our real-time monitoring system allows us to continuously improve operational efficiency – a benefit we share with our customers.

Fuel efficiency improvements of more than 12% is common with this technology, with improvements up to 20% having been recorded. Electricity savings up to 40% is standard when upgrading from Manual systems with no VSDs.

With fuel contributing up to 90% of a steam system’s lifecycle cost, boiler efficiency is critical in the management of operating costs.


Unparalleled efficiency and improved boiler preservation, result in lower operating costs.

High degree of customization, with a touchscreen interface for user-friendly control of fans and stokers.

Rental option for immediate cash-flow improvement.

Backed up by 24 Hour support.


Package Burners

EP Dryden is the exclusive agent for the full range of CIB Unigas burners in Southern Africa. This extensive range of burners are available in all capacities and cover all fuels. A full range of burner spares is kept in stock with 24/7 service and support available.

Process Burners

EP Dryden is a supplier of Greens Combustion Process burners including spares and Airoil flaregas systems. The Burner range includes Floor Burners, Radiant wall burners and Down Fired burners. Refineries and Petrochemical plants have a variety of fired heater types; from Greens Combustion’s years of experience in the Industry, they have developed the GreenBurn® range of burners to cover most of these applications.

Gas Train Equipment

To complete the range of combustion equipment, Dryden distributes Tecnocontrol gas train equipment. Tecnocontrol is an Italian based company - a historical company in the field of combustion analysis and gas detection, with over 50 years of experience in the gas industry.


EP Dryden carries a comprehensive range of boiler spares for all makes of boilers. Our spares range include stoker spares, boiler tubes, valves, gaskets, grit collectors, fans etc. Our spares are available 24/7 with a high standard of workmanship guaranteed.

As well as carrying a varied range of spares, EP Dryden manufactures a range of coal and ash handling equipment to suit client requirements. EP Dryden is also an accredited agent for Grundfos feed pumps which are widely recognised as the pump of choice on shell boiler applications.


Wide range of spares.

Competitively priced.

24/7 availability.


EP Dryden offers a full range of services relating to boiler maintenance and repairs. Our field service teams are always available to deliver:

Major boiler repairs, boiler retubes, stoker repairs and conversions, boiler cleaning and valve overhauls.

12 and 36 month statutory boiler inspections, emissions testing, grit arrestors, coal to gas/ oil boiler conversions and coal and ash handling equipment.

EP Dryden is in the process of being ISO9001 certified and is dedicated to the ongoing quality management process.

Full service teams available 24/7.

Major on-site repairs anywhere in Southern Africa.

Competitive pricing, quality service and a commitment to reduced downtime.

Accredited Third Party repair certification.


We supply critical boiler operator training to your staff ensuring optimal performance and risk reduction. Upon successful completion, each trainee receives a Certificate of Competence.

Reduced maintenance and losses due to poor operation.

Lower risk of accidents and catastrophic events

Improved boiler efficiency.

Identifying the component parts by name and knowing their function and how to test them.

Preliminary checks undertaken by the operator before lighting up the boiler and raising steam pressure.

The CORRECT way to light a fire and raise steam pressure.

Maintaining steam pressure safely and efficiently.

Banking the fire correctly

Starting up from a banked fire

Emergency procedures

Shutdown and standby procedure

Problems and remedies