Dryden Combustion heritage lives on through Energy Partners Steam

by Energy Partners


Aug 10, 2021

by Energy Partners


Aug 10, 2021

Dryden Combustion’s renowned heritage and trusted name has been strengthened through its acquisition by Energy Partners, part of the PSG group, acquired Dryden Combustion four years ago and it has now completed its re-branding journey to EP Steam.

Although the name has changed, the company’s commitment to service and product quality remains steadfast. EP Steam is proud to offer a range of services and solutions, including:

  • Steam outsourcing
  • Boiler hire
  • New and refurbished boilers
  • Customer services and maintenance, including burners and burner spares
  • Boiler spares


EP Steam supplies new and reconditioned boilers, available in a range of sizes, pressures and fuel sources, including coal, oil, gas and biomass. New boilers can be designed and manufactured to meet clients’ specific needs, while reconditioned boilers offer the flexibility of faster delivery and lower capital cost.

Burners and spares

EP Steam are agents for CIB Unigas burners, Italy-based manufacturers with over 40 years’ industry experience that offer a wide range of burners of various sizes and fuel types. For process burner applications, EP Steam supplies Greens Combustion process burners, including floor, radiant wall and down-fired burners.

In addition, EP Steam supplies SGES approved and certified gas trains, including regulators, slam-shut and relief valve filters; a full range of burner spares for package burners, including Siemens control boxes, electrodes, transformers, nozzles, pumps and photocells; as well as original-equipment manufacturer equivalent spares for most makes of process burners.

Customer services

EP Steam offers a full range of on-site services available throughout South Africa, including:

  • Major boiler repairs
  • 12 and 36 monthly statutory inspections
  • Boiler cleaning
  • Installations
  • Boiler retubes
  • Stoker repairs
  • Grit arrestors
  • Coal to gas/oil boiler conversions
  • Coal and ash handling equipment
  • Performance optimisation
  • Call outs and repairs

Boiler spares

EP Steam keeps a comprehensive stock holding of boiler spares for all makes of boilers and also manufacture a range of spares in its Alrode workshop, including:

  • Stoker spares
  • Ash and grit trolleys
  • Boiler tubes
  • Valves
  • Gaskets
  • Grit collectors
  • Fans
  • Coal and ash handling equipment
  • Grundfos pumps

Backed by over 60 years’ industry experience and ISO 9001 accreditation, Energy Partners Steam is dedicated to lowering the cost of steam by minimising downtime and optimising efficiency. With its vision to be the leading provider of steam solutions in Southern Africa, Energy Partners Steam focusses on delivering value and reliability to clients, backed by its team of highly skilled engineers, installation crews and trusted partners.


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