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What We Do

Your Strategic Energy Partner

We form long-term partnerships with our clients to reduce their total energy costs by improving core utility efficiency and asset performance. We focus on delivering value and reliability that is driven by results; and we remain committed to finding the best energy-saving solutions for our clients. 

Our existing service offering has expanded over the years to Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting, Carbon Footprint Disclosure, Wheeling Reconciliation and Overall Data Management.   

We support our clients through the practical incorporation of ESG objectives into greater business strategy, risk management, governance and disclosures, leveraging international standards and data-driven solutions. The primary goal is to enable our clients to become more resilient and competitive, attract talent and capital, create long-term value, and maximise impact across the value chain of operations.

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Innovative Energy Solutions

Our approach is simple. We help our clients save overhead costs by monitoring and analysing utility data in real-time to unlock optimisation opportunities.  We mitigate our clients’ financial risk by ensuring that clients are assigned to optimal tariffs and billed correctly for utilities.  We track performance from a technical and financial perspective providing comfort to our clients by setting them up for success on their journey to sustainability.

Our offering consists of 5 concentrated services.

How We Work

Sustainability Programme Journey

The Energy Partners Intelligence team creates and accelerates utility management strategies for large-scale commercial and industrial clients who are committed to reaching their sustainability targets, reducing their carbon footprint and improving their operating margins. Our monitoring services provide insights into operations by interpreting the data with selected metrics and KPIs, over our dynamic and easily accessible platform.

We are driven by results and passionate about identifying cost saving opportunities that will enable our clients to invest in business growth.


diagnostics of the current operation and energy use on site.


and identify significant energy users and potential saving opportunities.

Set Targets

to create achievable reduction and sustainability goals.

Implement Initiatives

to allow for energy efficiency (capital) and optimisaton (zero-capital) project execution.

Track Savings

by managing monthly performance based on intervention reviews.


Solutions & Services

Smart Metering

Gain visibility through data collection. Smart metering is offered at cost to clients (rental or outright purchase), in order to gain access to real-time consumption data, which is transformed into actionable insights. 

Tariff And Billing

Minimise cost and financial risk by applying the critical knowledge of our regulatory experts paired with key supply authority relationships across the country. Reconciliation of utility bills and energy wheeling credits ensures that clients are being correctly and fairly billed. 

Utility Management

Drive down utility consumption through active energy management and actionable reporting. The continuous motivation of energy projects and operational efficiency opportunities is provided to realise sustainability targets. 

Plant Monitoring

Ensure asset compliance and efficiency through technical monitoring with remote system control capabilities: building management systems, HVAC optimisation, real-time alarms and notifications, and data management. 

Sustainability Strategy

Reduce climate change impact through the formulation of comprehensive roadmaps to reach science-based targets and carbon neutrality. ESG reporting, GHG emissions, formulating sustainability strategy with a long-term view of the energy policy environment. 

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