Energy Smart Plant – Combining Steam and Refrigeration

This plant’s most unique feature is innovation behind using the waste heat it generates to save on energy costs. The fact that the cooling and steam production functions are provided by the same service provider, is a large part of what made this possible.

Project Size : Refrigeration 3500 kWR, Steam 8 T/hr 3.5 MWr


Refrigeration: New APC screw technology with lower charge Ammonia as refrigerant.  Heat recovery used for hot water generation to reduce steam use.

Steam:  Refurbished 8T/hr coal-fired duty boiler with economiser for heat recovery.  Refurbished 7T/hr oil-fired standby boiler. 

Funding Option : Cooling as a Service, Outsourced Steam.
Location : Kariega, Eastern Cape
Commissioning Date : 2021

“This is now arguably the most advanced further processing facility in South Africa with equipment and facilities on par with European standards.  Sovereign’s strategy is to partner with the best service providers that offer reliable, cost-effective and innovative solutions. Energy Partners was able to offer solutions for both steam and refrigeration. The outsourced offering of steam and cooling sales (where Sovereign buys units of energy – kg’s of steam and kw’s of refrigeration) reduces our risk profile and enables us to focus on our core business of producing high quality, affordable and very tasty products.”

Pieter van der SmitEngineering Manager


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Cooling as a Service

We don’t have any problems with the refrigeration and the cold rooms have never worked as well as they do now – not even when it was new.