Innovative 3-Stage Design and Heat Recovery Technology using Natural Refrigerant Ammonia

Dr Oetker, a producer and importer of frozen foods, wanted to increase their production and storage capacity since their existing facility was running out of space. The capital-sensitive nature of providing an optimised project in terms of efficiency and the use of natural refrigerants, shows that the choice of the CaaS outsourced solution from EPR allows the client more flexibility in its capital allocation towards the project, without compromising on the quality of cooling.

Installed Capacity : 1325kWR
Technology : Innovative design and technology using natural refrigerants
Project Value : R21 Million
Location : Johannesburg, South Africa
Commissioning Date : 2020

“We are extremely satisfied with the technical solution delivered by Energy Partners and working with people who have expertise and knowledge in this field, is extremely valuable. Not having to invest a huge amount of capital, as well as the cost savings, has enabled us to complete the entire project. EP has shown us that a good quality job can also be done in South Africa. I see this as the beginning of a long- term relationship”

Erkan Yagar – Project Manager


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