Family Store Multiplex Upgrade

PnP Family Darras replaced its end-of-life simplex refrigeration system with a more efficient multiplex system outsourced to EP Refrigeration removing the headache of having to maintain the plant in-house.  No up-front capital for the project was required as EP owns, operates and maintains the plant. The project has reduced their risk as operational risk and regulatory responsibilities are transferred to EP and provided them with peace of mind knowing that their refrigeration generation and plant maintenence is in the hands of experienced professionals with a proven track record

Technology : Two new multiplexes
Multiplexes : Low-temp and medium-temp with condensers and subcoolers
Funding Option : Outsourced
Location : Darras, Gauteng
Commissioning Date : 2017

“The greatest benefit is not having to deal with the capital equipment expenses and having professionals who manage our fridges. In the end, we are saving power without the headache of having to look after the plant. It just makes sense.”

Pick ‘n Pay – Team


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We don’t have any problems with the refrigeration and the cold rooms have never worked as well as they do now – not even when it was new.