Investing in reliability, efficiency and quality. In one foul swoop, the Groblersdal SuperSpar doubled its refrigeration capacity – without doubling its electricity bill – and invested in maintenance and monitoring of the system to eliminate the possibility of spoilage from equipment breakdowns.

Technology : e-Lumac Control System and compressor multiplexing
Benefits : Reliability, efficiency and quality
Funding Option : Turn-key
Location : Groblersdal
Commissioning Date : 2010

“If the monitoring is done diligently – and it is – there isn’t ever any major trouble. In the old days you’d only find out about a broken compressor when something rotted. Wastage is far less these days.”



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Cooling as a Service

Cooling as a Service

We don’t have any problems with the refrigeration and the cold rooms have never worked as well as they do now – not even when it was new.